Apple iPad Air 4 vs Apple iPad Pro 2020: the top four things you need to know

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Apple went all out with the iPad range during its September 15 event, unveiling the powerful iPad Air 4 and affordable iPad 8. Here we’ll be comparing the former to the similarly powerful iPad Pro 2020.


The iPad Pro 2020 already stands out as being a beast of a tablet, not just within Apple’s ranks but also on the tablet market as a whole. Well, it might be time to re-evaluate that crown as the newly announced Apple iPad Air 4 – while highly portable – will bring a whole new bunch of features to the table.

To save you time wading through the spec sheets for both of these premium devices, we’ve gone ahead and listed the key things you need to know that separate (and in some cases align) the iPad Air 4 and the iPad Pro 2020.

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1. The iPad Air 4 will feature a newer chipset than the iPad Pro 2020

The iPad Pro 2020’s powerhouse performance can largely be chalked up to the superb A13Z Bionic chipset, but its time as the fastest iPad in town might be coming to an end. In the iPad Air 4, Apple will be using the new A14 Bionic chipset which uses a five nanometre process to seemingly defy the laws of physics and pack a whopping 11.8 billion transitions in the proceedings. That hurts my brain on a whole new level.

2. The iPad Air 4 will adopt the iPad Pro 2020’s Liquid Retina screen

It’s the end of an era. Say goodbye Touch ID and say hello to smaller bezels and a gorgeous 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display. That’s right, the iPad Air 4 has taken its design cues straight from the iPad Pro 2020 playbook, featuring a near end-to-end screen that makes full use of the space available.

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3. No secondary camera, but a shared main sensor

Taking its cue from the iPhone 11, the iPad Pro 2020 features not one, but two rear-facing sensors to give your tablet photography a serious bump in quality. While iPad Air 4 adopters won’t get quite the same dual-sensor experience, they will be able to benefit from the same 12MP main sensor that features on the iPad Pro 2020. That’ll lead to some fantastic shots on the go, and you’ll also be able to record footage in 4K 60fps.

4. The iPad Air 4 can also make use of Apple’s Magic Keyboard

Even if you’ve winced at the £299 asking price, you’ve no doubt had a pang of jealously for anyone sporting the iPad Magic Keyboard on the go. Stylish and functional, the Magic Keyboard was previously only available for iPad Pro 2020 users, but not anymore. The iPad Air 4 will be able to make full use of the Magic Keyboard, letting fans gain access to the accessory from a lower overall price point.

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