Deezer's 'Country Selector' lets you choose music from any country

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Well here’s an interesting feature. Deezer has introduced ‘Country Selector’, which lets you switch to music from a different country on the fly.


You’ve travelled to another country, opened up the Deezer music app only to find that you’re locked to the region you started in the account. Bah and humbug. Well that’s all changed thanks to a new feature.

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Deezer has unveiled the “Country Selector” and it lets you switch your location to show music and info from any country that Deezer is available in. Once switched, you’ll be able to sample the latest hits from artists in that country, look up curated playlists and listen to shows.

In fact you don’t even need to hop onto a plane (somewhat more difficult considering current circumstances). Just switch countries from the comfort of your own and home in the app, and you hear the latest Samba music that’s rocking the charts in Brazil, German Schlager (pop music) or some eclectic J-pop from Japan. While the current pandemic may have you feeling a little hemmed in, this new feature opens up the door to a world of music.

Choose ‘Country Selector’ in the Settings menu and pick the destination you want to ‘go to’, and you’ll see the content from that country. You shouldn’t need to worry about learning the lingo either as your language preferences will remain the same each time you select a different country. Wunderbar!

Stefan Tweraser, Deezer’s Chief Product and Growth Officer noted: “We want our listeners to be able to hold onto a piece of their home or immerse themselves in a different culture, even if they’re a thousand miles away. It’s also a good way to pick up a new language, as our curated playlists and channels will introduce you to the best selection of tracks from any chosen country.”

Deezer’s Country Selector is available from today (16th September) onwards and its available across web and mobile devices.

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