Disney Plus 4K HDR streams return ahead of massive new release

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Disney Plus is now streaming at its full technical potential, once again, ahead of the eagerly-anticipated release of Hamilton on July 3.


The entertainment giant has confirmed those with compatible A/V equipment can now stream the library in 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos audio, the advanced surround-sound tech that offers 360-degree performance.

The word comes from Forbes reporter and long-time Trusted Reviews contributor John Archer, who says subscribers in the UK and Ireland should start to see the top quality streaming options available once again.

Disney was among many of the major streaming services and websites to restrict streaming bitrate to help ensure ISPs were able to cope for the increased demand for connectivity during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Netflix, YouTube and others were also among those limiting the top quality of streams, helping service providers in the UK cope very well overall, even with unprecedented numbers of people spending more time at home during lockdown along with a massive uptick in home working. Netflix officially eased its own restrictions a couple of weeks ago, with max bitrate returning to its pre-lockdown level of 15.25Mbps.

The timing of Disney’s return to top form is significant given the arrival of the beloved Broadway musical Hamilton later this week. Disney Plus has struggled to meet fan demand for new and original content since its launch late last year, despite the tremendous success of The Mandalorian. The addition of a filmed performance of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s celebrated stage show depicting the life of former US president Alexander Hamilton, couldn’t come at a better time.

Not everyone’s delighted with Disney’s handling of the launch, with critics hitting out at the firm’s decision to censor the three f-bombs featured in the stage-version of the production.

You can watch Hamilton on Disney Plus from July 3.

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