Final Audio enters gaming market with the VR3000 earphones

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Final Audio, the Japanese high-end audio specialist, has unveiled the VR3000, a pair of earphones aimed at gaming market.


With the start of the next generation of gaming commencing with PS5 and Xbox Series X, people around the world are enjoying their new consoles. While it’s a great experience playing these games on TVs that can do them justice, people often forget about the sound experience.

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Well, Final Audio, have something that can take care of that. Having been involved in the audio industry for over 50 years, the venerable brand has turned its attentions to gaming, creating its first pair of earphones specifically for gaming use in the VR3000.

An in-ear monitor that’s designed to be small and very lightweight, Final Audio claims the VR3000’s in-ear design allows for better mobility and wider compatibility compared to larger, and let’s face it, more garish looking headphones that the gaming audio market can produce.

It comes equipped with an in-line microphone and three-button controller for in-game voice chat to your friends.

Tucked inside the in-ear’s housing is a custom-designed 6mm dynamic driver that Final says is capable of delivering “sound with exceptional depth, clarity and accuracy, delivering the deep resounding sounds such as booming effects and bassy rumbles that gamers expect, as well as accuracy and the type of spatial awareness that allows gamers to immerse themselves in the game their playing.

It all adds up to Final believing that the VR3000 presents the sound as intended by game developers, so you hear exactly what you should and need to hear at all times.

The Final VR3000 headphones go on sale December 10th for £74.99 ($79.99/€74.99), and they’ll be available to purchase from Amazon, Hifiheadphones and Scan.

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Source: The Inquirer – Final Audio enters gaming market with the VR3000 earphones