Google Pixel Buds 2 Bluetooth fix incoming – and not before time

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Google has acknowledged the Bluetooth issues with its second-generation Pixel Buds true wireless headphones and has vowed to fix them.


Users of the new Buds have reported frequent dropouts since grabbing the product that finally launched in April this year.

In a post on the Pixel Buds support page, a Google employee named Chelsea W. said the company “has heard” those complaining about connectivity and has promised an incoming fix, which may not be soon enough for some long-suffering users. The update will “improve Bluetooth stability and connectivity” and will land in the next few weeks.

An update to the thread today brings specifics on the updates: Chelsea W. says it will:

  • Decrease instances of phone call cut outs
  • Improve autorecovery when one or both earbuds lose connection
  • Improve media playback stability for phones that have software audio encoding

Separately, this week we’ll be releasing a software update (Firmware: 296) that decreases the audio hissing / static noise that some of you may have experienced.

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Many users reporting the issue to Google said they experienced audio coming in and out when simply walking outside. Others said they were having issues with the “in-ear detection” feature incorrectly reporting one of the Buds had dropped out.

Many echoed the sentiments of the thread’s original poster, Taylor Hardy, who wrote: “My Google Pixel Buds (Gen 2) keep losing audio while taking a walk or jogging. I’ve noticed that it happens when I move my head by looking down or turning right or left. But if I keep my head straight it works sometimes.”

The Pixel Buds 2 were announced at the Made By Google event in October last year, but were not launched until April this year. They promised clearer call quality, better sound, the same strong battery life as the original and faster access to the Google Assistant.

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