Huawei AppGallery refresh means you won't miss Google Play as much

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Huawei app drawer

Huawei has revealed a new version of its AppGallery user-interface, which it says will make it easier for smartphone owners to discover new apps and games.


The redesigned version marketplace is getting Apple App Store-esque editorial content in the new Featured tab, offering hand-picked apps and games. This will feature guides, expert reviews and a host of curated content.

Huawei says “the new AppGallery will be curated by editors to focus on local trends and needs. They will post editorial content to inspire users, from reviews of Apps and Games to useful tips and high quality collections featuring hidden gems.”

The Featured app will also showcase the popular Campaign and Gift elements of the UI, which showcase promotional content and the chance for users to win prizes and rewards. For example, you can earn rewards for downloading and signing up to certain apps.

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Again channelling the App Store, the new AppDrawer will also have separate tabs for apps and games, making it a little easier to discover what you’re seeking.

The company hopes the refined AppDrawer experience will help users of its smartphones overcome the loss of the Google Play Store on new handsets, due to embargoes on US companies like Google dealing with their Chinese counterparts.

Huawei says 530 million peopler around the world are now accessing the storefront every month and boards of the likes of Dezeer, Viber and Moovit are among the premium apps available. There’s 18 categories overall.

The new AppGallery is rolling out today in the UK and a larger number of European countries. To get it you’ll need the 6.0.2 (Oct 2020) and 11.0.2 (Dec 2020) updates installed.

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