Huawei Mate X2 leaked – will rival the Z Fold 2 for foldable dominance

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Huawei Mate XS

Foldable phones haven’t quite hit the mainstream in 2020, with Samsung the only consumer brand pushing the tech forward with the Z Fold 2. But that could change soon, with Huawei set to announce the Mate X2.


Samsung might have been first with its Galaxy Fold, however it was Huawei who really caught the eye with its Mate X foldable. It was a slick device, with a display that folds out like a book. We’ve been waiting for the followup for a while now. with the latest reports suggesting it has received certification in China.

The site 91mobiles has reported that one of the Mate X2’s headline features could be 66w charging, meaning it’ll fully juice up very quickly even if Huawei fits it out with a hefty cell. Huawei is no stranger to fast charging tech and with the Mate 40 Pro already boasting 66w speeds, it would make sense to bring this feature to the Mate X2.

Other spec details mentioned include a main 48MP rear camera, 8GB RAM and a 6.7-inch outer display. There’s also the mention of 5G, which seems a given for such a high-end device, especially as Huawei’s latest flagship Kirin chipset has a built-in 5G modem.

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In terms of release date, the article suggests 16 November – however it’s worth taking these rumours with a hefty pinch of salt until we hear anything official from Huawei. There’s been no indication of a Huawei event this month. The first Mate X was unveiled at MWC, with a slightly updated Xs version coming later.

We were big fans of the Mate Xs, with our hands-on stating, “The Mate Xs might be a minor update, but considering we didn’t get a proper European release for the Mate X it doesn’t feel needless. It would have been odd selling last year’s model at a high price with older internals and the improvements to the hinge and display are always going to be welcome. I still have plenty of questions about software and I have yet to really see how apps adapt between folds – this could make or break the Mate.”

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