iPhone 13 again rumoured to ditch Lightning – but don't expect USB-C

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One long-running rumour is that the next iPhone, likely called iPhone 13, is going to ditch its Lightning port and go completely portless.


Prolific Apple leaker Jon Prosser (through his YouTube channel Front Page Tech) has once again suggested the iPhone 13 will be a completely portless device, or at least one of the expected versions will be.

This follows on from previous comments from Prosser in May, which again referred to the iPhone 13 ditching all the ports.

In the video, Prosser states that while not all iPhones next year will do away with actual connectors, one model will. Whether this will be the Pro model or not remains to be seen and as with any rumour like this, it’s worth taking it with a pinch of salt.

Prosser also once again looks to put to bed any chance that the iPhone will switch from Lightning to USB-C. While we would of course like the iPhone to use this more the widespread connector, it certainly seems like if Apple was going to do it would have done it by now.

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Apple might itself have teased the portless future when it launched the iPhone 12. These phones were announced alongside the rebirth of a MagSafe charger, a magnetic puck that clips to the back of the phone and charges it wirelessly. This method of wireless charging uses the standard Qi tech as previous iPhones, however it allows for must faster charging than you’d get with a regular pad. Apple is bringing MagSafe to more tech too, like a Duo charger that can recharge both an iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time.

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Still, having used MagSafe accessories for a few weeks the idea of a completely portless iPhone this soon isn’t that attractive. There are still plenty of situations where the reliability of a charging cable wins out and it’s still comparatively slow and awkward.

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