Microsoft throws a playful first punch in the next-gen console war

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ps5 vs xbox series s

It’s all been a bit too friendly in the console world lately, don’t you think? The brewing new console war has felt more like a pyjama-clad pillow fight in the last few months, which is weird given Microsoft and Sony are just weeks away from releasing powerful new systems.


Well now, with both companies entering the home stretch before the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X releases, the gloves might finally be coming off.

Microsoft has playfully poked fun at the shenanigans that ensured after Sony quickly launched PS5 pre-orders less than 24-hours after announced the price and release date at the PlayStation Showcase on Wednesday.

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That led to a mass scramble to grab the console, with stocks quickly selling out, retailer websites crashing and others struggling to deal with the demand. In the UK, one of our own staffers at Trusted Reviews were left hanging when the pre-order confirmation email failed to arrive.

UK stock is currently extinguished, and there’s no indication of when they will be replenished and whether there’ll be enough to meet demand on launch day.

In a tweet late last night, Microsoft assured those awaiting Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders they shouldn’t worry because “we’ll let you know the exact time pre-orders start for you soon.”

Earlier in the summer, Sony promised gamers would get plenty of notice ahead of pre-orders commencing, but after months of holding fire on releasing the PS5 and release date, it appears Sony may have panicked after Microsoft revealed its hand.

Here’s what Sony’s Eric Lempel told Geoff Keighley of The Game Awards back in July:

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