Twitch and Amazon Music have landed on Toshiba TVs in the UK

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Twitch app on Toshiba TV

Toshiba has announced that Twitch and Amazon Music are now available as apps on its smart TVs, bringing the streaming services to your living room.


The Twitch app lets users browse Twitch channels and tune into livestreams on any Toshiba smart TV released from June 2018, including Android and Alexa built-in models. 

The app includes content ranging from gaming, music, sports and events to talk shows and food and drink tutorials. If you already have a Twitch account, you can also sign in and access videos from streamers you follow. 

Toshiba has teamed up with Defected Records to launch the app, inviting users to stream six exclusive shows from the record label’s festival, Defected Croatia. The shows will be released daily, allowing users to catch up on everything from the last 24 hours via Y/OUR HOUSE on Twitch. 

“Twitch has an incredible range of entertainment streaming 24/7, and for viewers being able to watch it all on a big screen is a great option”, said Toshiba TV Commercial Director Bart Kuijten. 

“We know people are increasingly using their TVs as the centre of entertainment in the home, using multiple apps for streaming movies and TV shows, watching VOD, playing music, gaming, and more. Adding the Twitch app brings even more entertainment to the living room”. 

Toshiba has also added Amazon Music to its app line-up this summer.

The music streaming app is included in an Amazon Prime subscription and comes with two millions songs and over 1000 playlists and stations, while the premium Amazon Music Unlimited gives users access to over 75 million tracks and thousands of playlists and stations. 

Twitch is included in the device’s automatic updates, so users with those updates enabled can find Twitch waiting in the Apps section of their TV as the app rolls out, while Android users will need to head to the Play Store to download the app. Amazon Music is also available on all Toshiba smart TVs across the UK now.

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Source: The Inquirer – Twitch and Amazon Music have landed on Toshiba TVs in the UK

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