Vestel and DTS team up for next-gen TV sound

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DTS:X for TV

We’ve heard plenty about Dolby Atmos on TVs and we’re sure DTS must be rather sick of it. And so they, along with Turkish electronic giant Vestel, have announced that its immersive DTS:X sound is being integrated into Vestel’s new generation of TVs.


DTS:X for TV operates in the same audio playground as Atmos, with the intention of bringing better sound quality to the viewing experience so customers can experience “fully immersive audio directly from their TV”.

The tech has been designed for single and dual-core TV SoC (System on Chip) architectures and is said to be fully backward compatible with all existing DTS-encoded content (DTS-HD Master Audio Blu-ray Discs, DTS Digital Surround). It also supports the latest high-efficiency DTS:X immersive streaming decoder for content from streaming services.

We’ve reviewed a few TVs that have DTS Virtual:X technology baked in, but DTS:X for TV appears to be more comprehensive in its decoding abilities and isn’t merely post processing the audio after the fact.

Televisions that support DTS:X will be compatible with any DTS content connected to the TV from HDMI, USB or streaming service. Integrated into the set is a DTS:X transcoder capable of outputting DTS Digital Surround over S/PDIF and ARC, as well as being able to output a DTS:X lossless bitstream via eARC to DTS:X-capable A/V receivers and sound bars.

Having DTS:X onboard will also help in terms of support for the IMAX Enhanced program, which has been adopted in the Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) spec, the universal standard for digital television signals across Europe.

A DTS:X for TV is also compatible with the DTS Virtual:X audio solution “to deliver the best possible audio experience from immersive content” played through a TV’s internal speakers.

Barış Altınkaya, deputy general manager of marketing and product management, Vestel said: “We are proud to be one of the first European TV manufacturers certified for DTS:X. At Vestel, we continuously strive to enhance TV sound quality, and with DTS:X, we can now further push the boundaries of what is possible to deliver a transformational, multi-dimensional surround sound experience, straight from the TVs themselves.”

Vestel owns the Finlux and Luxor TV brands in the UK, and partners with Toshiba with their UK TVs. It’ll be interesting to see if this audio tech makes it over to our shores.

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Source: The Inquirer – Vestel and DTS team up for next-gen TV sound

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